The Lost Dinosaurs of Egypt

Narrated by:
Michael C. Hall

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2002
5 hours 59 minutes
The date is January 11, 1911. A young German paleontologist, accompanied only by a guide, a cook, four camels, and a couple of camel drivers, reaches the lip of the vast Bahariya Depression after a long trek across the bleak plateau of the western desert of Egypt. The scientist, Ernst Freiherr Stromer von Reichenbach, hopes to find fossil evidence of early mammals. In this, he will be disappointed, for the rocks here will prove to be much older than he thinks. They are nearly a hundred million years old. Stromer is about to learn that he has walked into the age of the dinosaurs.

At the bottom of the Bahariya Depression, Stromer will find the remains of four immense and entirely new dinosaurs, along with dozens of other unique specimens. But there will be reversals—shipments delayed for years by war, fossils shattered in transit, stunning personal and professional setbacks. Then, in a single cataclysmic night, all of his work will be destroyed and Ernst Stromer will slip into history and be forgotten.

The date is January 11, 2000—eighty-nine years to the day after Stromer descended into Bahariya. Another young paleontologist, Ameri-can graduate student Josh Smith, has brought a team of fellow scientists to Egypt to find Stromer’ s dinosaur graveyard and resurrect the German pioneer’s legacy. After weeks of digging, often under appalling conditions, they fail utterly at rediscovering any of Stromer’ s dinosaur species.

Then, just when they are about to declare defeat, Smith’s team discovers a dinosaur of such staggering immensity that it will stun the world of paleontology and make headlines around the globe.

Masterfully weaving together history, science, and human drama, The Lost Dinosaurs of Egypt is the gripping account of not one but two of the twentieth century’s great expeditions of discovery.
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Excellent . Great history and great story.You could feel yourself on the dig.

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I can't imagine anyone NOT liking this story at any level. The early finds were lost to history and we were able to retrieve similar/the same bones as well as understand what the environment was like at the time the dinosaurs died. I pictured myself in the environment with all the animals around. The details helped to paint a great picture.

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Karen V

If you are interested in paleontolgy this book is for you. Ernst Stromer's heartbreaking story is interwoven with detailed descriptions of the dig at his site in Egypt 89 years later. Unfortunately, two discs in, I realized that I'm not interested enough in the minutia of paleontology. My small curiosity was swallowed up by an immense body of facts. This co-written story of the finding of a gigantic dinosaur would be perfect for anthropology or earth science students, or maybe, Jurassic Park fans.

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