Lost Sci-Fi Books 161 thru 180
Release Date
March 2024
14 hours 13 minutes
Lost Sci-Fi Books 161 thru 180 - Twenty Lost Sci-Fi Short Stories from the 1930s, 40s, 50s and 60s and one from 1752

- The Sky Was Full of Ships by Theodore Sturgeon
- He That Hath Wings by Edmond Hamilton
- Small World by William F. Nolan
- The Pause by Isaac Asimov
- The Most Sentimental Man by Evelyn E. Smith
- The Mortal Immortal by Mary Shelley
- The Moon That Vanished by Leigh Brackett
- Chicken Farm by Ross Rocklynne
- The Black Ewe by Fritz Leiber
- From Outer Space by Robert Zacks
- Micromegas by Voltaire
- Final Victim by Ray Bradbury and Henry Hasse
- The Last Drive by Carl Jacobi
- The Red Room by H. G. Wells
- Curse of the Blue Man by Lawrence M. Jannifer
- The Nameless Something by Murray Leinster
- The Gifts of Asti by Andre Norton
- Encounter in the Dawn Arthur C. Clarke
- The Foxholes of Mars by Fritz Leiber
- The Moonlit Road by Ambrose Bierce
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