Written by:
Samuel Alexander
Narrated by:
Michael Mola
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2023
1 hour 36 minutes
Having been raised in the system, Louis never envisioned he’d have the life he had: A loving partner, his dream job bringing music into the world and three children, four if you counted Dario; a shy, anxious and extremely talented student who didn’t recognise his worth. Louis stepped in to be his father when Dario’s own had failed him.

Still, as the years went on and Dario sunk deeper into depression, Louis began to question if his efforts were working. Would Dario ever get better? Would he stop trying to earn the love his parents would not give? Would he ever embrace his true self and learn to love him?

So many unanswered questions but amongst all the uncertainty the biggest fear was what would happen if Louis didn’t try to save him; that he might lose Dario, forever.

This series should be read in order due to different vantage points over the same timelines.
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