Love of My Lives

Written by:
Yamile Saied Méndez
Narrated by:
Stacy Gonzalez

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2023
8 hours 10 minutes
Who hasn’t fantasized about finding a soul mate? In acclaimed author YamileSaied Méndez’s charmingly romantic new novel, a young woman whose perfectpartner literally appeared to her in a dream must search some unusual places—including the truths hidden within her own heart …

Madi Ramírez has it all—a thriving career she loves, a successful boyfriend, and awedding to plan—when he finally proposes. So why does she feel like there issomething missing? Jayden even has the right initials—the JR that appeared toMadi years ago, in a dream visitation from her beloved, wise abuela. Madi’s friends think her expectations are too high—but she can’t help wishing for thatdreamy feeling in real life. Wishing that Jayden would show her a little moreaffection. That she could really believe they were meant to be …

When a business trip to Puerto Rico presents itself, Madi is quick to take it. Shecan finally scatter her abuela’s ashes on the beach, as she wished. And maybetime apart will remind Jayden how much Madi means to him—and maybe he’llbegin to show it. But in Puerto Rico, Madi finds something—well, someone— else.

A man who makes her heart beat triple-time—and who feels as right as someoneFated—except for those nagging initials …

Brimming with the magic of Old San Juan and la Isla del Encanto, Love of My Lives is the perfect read for anyone who has longed for a legendary love storythat transcends time and distance—and the powerful magic of steering their owndreams.
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This book was boooooring. I was excited about the premise. It sounded a lot like that movie from the 90s, Only You, starring Robert Downey Jr. & Marisa Tomei. Although I haven't seen it in years, I used to LOVE that movie. So maybe I just had high hopes for this book based on the premise. But I really couldn't get into it. The flashback to the past in the very beginning starts out promising, but once it gets to the current time it just gets worse and worse. Bummer.

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