Written by:
Karina Halle

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
10 hours 10 minutes
Daisy Lewis is experiencing a relentless string of bad luck.

Fortunately, Daisy has her sister's destination wedding coming up. A week of sand, sea, and sun in the South Pacific as the maid-of-honor is exactly what Daisy needs to forget her upturned life and focus on the positive. That is, until Daisy meets the best man.

If you take tall, dark, and handsome, and add a dash of rugged, a pinch of brooding, and a whole lot of sexy, you've got Tai Wakefield. Unfortunately he's also a major grump, total alpha, and seemingly out to antagonize Daisy at every turn.

As if being part of the wedding party with Tai wasn't bad enough, Daisy's bad luck soon resurfaces when she ends up on a cramped sailboat with Tai and the newlyweds. Which then shipwrecks on a deserted island near Fiji.

With rescue weeks away, Tai and Daisy realize the only way they're going to get through this mess is to start working together. And with their guards down, they get closer. A lot closer.

Soon, Daisy realizes that the only thing worse than being stuck on a deserted island is being stuck on a deserted island with a man she hates to love and loves to hate. A man that can break her heart.

Contains mature themes.
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Gege M.

Very cute and uplifting story. A few sexy scenes (I am a perv so I would have liked more sexy talk). Narrators were excellent. Definitely worth a listen!

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An average love story. It bothered me that they didn't get a Māori narrator for the male character. If the main character is Māori and the book describes Māori customs then the narrator should be Māori.

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Karyn C.

Cute story

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Cute and funny. Really enjoyed it.

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Caryn B.

Nice story, good characters, good narration. A little bit predictable but still a fun listen.

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Great love story. Sexy. Written so well you'd think you were in the story.

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Adriana L.

Very well written book that keeps the attention. It’s a great read! Definitely not PG. Lol. LOVE the accents! Narrators did a very good job.

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Momma Bear

That was such an amazing story

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I enjoyed the story and characters. It was fun and although pretty predictable, it was still a great book

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The story was a bit predictable, I wasn’t sold on the narration though.

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It was basically a typical live story but it was good!!

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Carly M.

Classic cheesy love story, but it was entertaining!

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Engrossing story with some simplified but honest relationship dynamics.

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Carolynne K.

Nice story, not a fan of the trashy sex talk... otherwise I would rate it higher

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Milford G.

Nice story, hot passion, excellent word pictures, a bit slow at times. Superb narrators.

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Rhonda M.

A fun listen. Narrators did a great job of telling the story and I loved the accents.

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A fun and cute listen. Narration was good as well. People who say it's predictable probably only read/listen to one type of book ALL the time. Not me, I switch it up often as to not be expecting or comparing each back to back.

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