Loving a Lady

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2020
11 hours 49 minutes
Ewan Campbell fought to free himself from his past—quite literally. A former prizefighter, he now earns his living as an artist. But he still fights more figurative opponents: dark memories that threaten to overwhelm him. Worse, when he is hired to assist a famous painter, he finds himself falling for the man’s highborn niece, Lady Kildrum. Such feelings are pointless. Countesses do not fall in love with impoverished Highlanders, no matter what fairy tales say. Violet Kerr, Lady Kildrum, struggles to make decisions, and she shouldn’t. She’s a countess in her own right, for heaven’s sake. Decision-making skills should flow through her blood. After all, her life’s path is clear: marry a nobleman, provide for her sisters, and see to the welfare of her tenants. And Violet has made one decision: she must curb her attraction to Ewan Campbell, her uncle’s new art assistant. The lowly Highlander, no matter how alluring, is not a proper suitor. She definitely should not fantasize about the man—or, if she does, she should not allow such fantasies to lead to very real kissing. Because kissing could bring on the most difficult decision of all...
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