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Book Rating (15)

Narrator Rating (11)

Lucky Town: A Badlands Novella

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Morgan Brice

Narrated By: Kale Williams

Publisher: Tantor Media

Date: March 2019

Duration: 3 hours 10 minutes


Psychic medium Simon Kincaide and his boyfriend, Myrtle Beach homicide detective Vic D'Amato, find that the only thing more frightening than murder might be navigating their first holiday season as a couple.

A trip back to Pittsburgh to spend Thanksgiving with Vic's large, exuberant family means dodging old frenemies and a bitter ex-boyfriend. A cold case comes back to haunt Vic when a murdered woman's ghost begs Simon for justice. Then a new murder back in Myrtle Beach looks suspiciously familiar, and the dead man's ghost isn't playing nice. When Simon gets a vision of the next victim before the crime occurs, he realizes that all the murders are supernaturally linked. Catching the murderer will take his psychic sleuthing skills along with Vic's street smarts to avert a tragedy. Can they do right by ghosts past, present, and yet-to-come without ending up in the crosshairs of a killer for Christmas?


  • Sarah H.

    This is a great novella in the Badlands series. In this book Vic moves in with Simon and I’m so glad these two men have embraced being together so completely as they are an amazing match. This book brings to life both men’s families and also delves a bit deeper into their back stories which I really enjoyed. On top of that murders don’t stop happening just because it’s holiday season and the two men find themselves coming to the rescue of a lady who is about to be murdered by an ensnared magical being. The case is interesting and it draws more on Simon’s folklore knowledge than magic, but magic is needed to stop any further murders. The resolution of the case felt a bit rushed, but it was still very enjoyable and I liked getting to see two of the town’s most powerful witches/magic practitioners in action alongside Simon and Vic. Kale Williams did an excellent job as narrator, he really brings these characters to life. I received an arc of this audiobook and am voluntarily leaving an honest and unbiased review.

  • Stephanie V.

    I love Simon and Vic! I absolutely love this short story. It has a lot going on that just kept me entertain. Such a fun holiday story with a great group of characters. I just love Kale Williams narration. Something about when I listen to his narration that just makes me love the story even more.

  • Diane D.

    In this recent book, we have the boys settling into living together by the most of household chores, painting. My least favorite. Simon & Vic are heading home to Pittsburgh to Vic's family & needless to say is so nervous to meet his family. Simon gets a phone call from his POS mother wanting to know when he is going to be there as she needs a headcount for dinner. Also, she drops the news that there will be people there that can help get him back into a real job & hopefully he is ready to give up the nonsense that he is doing. Also, she drops the bomb that she invited his ex, and that he wants to get back together with him. Needless to say, he hangs up. I loved how Vic's family opened up their arms and accepted him & welcomed him into their home/family. It warmed my heart to see Simon feel loved. We run into Vic's ex boyfriend at a party & he is worse then how Vic portrayed him. A cold case resurfaces as there are new deaths and we have a really good investigation to find out what is going on and the banishing the big bad. Even though this is a novella, nothing seems rushed and feels like a full length novel. I enjoyed seeing Simon lean on his friends when he needs help to banish the big bad. He doesn't have to do it alone. Audio ARC provided by LesCourt Services in exchange for an honest review.

  • Katie C.

  • Mari C.

    4.5 Stars! Lucky Town is the follow-up novella to Badlands and while it can be read as a standalone, I promise you don't want to miss out on the first book in the series. Simon and Vic were as amazing as in Badlands, Vic has moved into Simon's house and Vic takes Simon to spend Thanksgiving with the D'Amato family where they stumble into a case and Vic's ex. Morgan Brice managed to recapture the chemistry between Simon and Vic and show the reader how their relationship is growing even deeper. They're undeniably hot together, but it's more than just that, they just fit and Vic shows Simon that while the supernatural stuff is new for him, he's willing to be more open to it if that's what it takes to be with Simon. The case was interesting, perhaps a bit too rushed there in the end after all the buildup, but still pretty good. Kale Williams did a fantastic job with the narration, bringing Vic and Simon and the different secondary characters to life for me and frankly, he made this fast-paced, steamy novella even more enjoyable for me. Highly recommendable!

  • Maria V.

    What a great addition to the Badlands series! While this is a novella and I kind of wish it was a little longer, this short book packs a punch and then some. It is a must-read at 4.5 stars. Story: 4.5 stars This story is full of mystery, suspense, emotion, and magic. It picks up shortly after Badlands, and we get to see more of Simon and Vic. It's the holidays and things aren't ever easy with these two. A trip to meet Vic's parents, weird murders, and a mysterious creature are clinging to them. They have to find the murderer and keep their heads at the same time. The characters and the plot will keep you interested and wanting to keep listening/turning the page. Narration: 4.5 stars I really like the way Kale Williams is narrating this story. For the most part, the voices are different enough that we can pick out who is who, however, there were a couple of times that I was a little confused, but then again, we have so many more voices in this book...sometimes talking at the same time. That said, he did a great job and I still loved his version of Lucky Town. Overall: 4.5 stars Overall, I'm giving Lucky Town 4.5 stars and highly recommend you check it out for yourself. With the plot and a cast of interesting characters, you won't be disappointed.

  • Cheryl P.

    Thank you for the Audio, I voluntarily give this a honest review. as a couple in this book. Simon and Vic are on a family holiday, what a why to meet the people that matter to Vic but with ghost and an angry ex? how will Vic's family react to this new side to the world that brought the two together? gray audio Kale Williams did a fantastic job on the book. love the Badland series.

  • Annika E.

    In this interlude we find Vic and Simon taking the next steps in their relationship. Not only are they moving in together, they are also going to Pittsburgh to celebrate Thanksgiving with Vic’s large and boisterous family. (Gulp) The trip to Pittsburgh doesn’t go quite to plan. But then again, when do things go according to plan? The meeting of the family runs smoother than they expected and Simon is instantly hugged and welcomed to the D’Amato clan. Simon also made a friend for life in Vic’s mom when he delivered a message form a dearly departed family member. But old “friends” and an ex make themselves known and causes some drama. As if that wasn’t enough, the ghost of a murder victim visits Simon and begs him for justice. It soon becomes apparent that the cold case wasn’t that cold anymore and that serial killer do not appreciate when they are about to be discovered. I liked that despite the shortness of the story there was quite a lot going on, but in a good way. It wasn’t too much or too crowded – neither was it lacking depth, it was just right. From the deepening of Vic and Simon’s relationship, to the murder mystery and hunt of a killer. But also that we got glimpses of Vic’s past and insights to both of their families. I liked it all and look forward to learning more. I love the way Kale Williams narrate. He lives in the world with the characters and changes the tone and pacing after the situation and what’s going in. It makes you feel the suspense when the foe is near. Feel the anger when Nick, Vic’s old boyfriend re-appears to cause trouble. Feel the intensity of Vic and Simon’s lovemaking. It’s there in his word and voice. My only wish is that he would differentiate between the different characters, to make it easier for the listener to follow the story. All in all this was a nice and rather uncomplicated visit with Vic and Simon. It was filled with family, holiday cheers, but also of course ghosts, visions and murder. It was all neatly packed into this holiday story. A copy of this book was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review for Love Bytes.

  • Ramona K.

    I liked the narration by Kale Williams. He is very relaxing to listen to. (This Review is very similar to the book review I did) Simon and Vic face their first test as a couple. A holiday with Vic’s very large family, a vengeful ex and a ghost. The family liked Simon, the ex got tossed out. The ghost thing though, that was not as easily solved. What kind of evil could decimate a ghost so bad and leave it basically unable to communicate, shredding them. When they return home Simon learns his town has been visited by the same ghost shredder. He and Vic soon discover the culprit. With several of Simon’s otherworldly friends, they set out to solve the problem. This was a very enjoyable book. Not to heavy on the magical scale. The author makes the paranormal very normal. I enjoy the writing. It concentrated on their developing relationship, family, and friends. Another glimpse of Travis and Brent for the Witchbane books. I recommend reading Badlands first.

  • Claudia M.

    Fair warning: I love Simon and Vic :P And, oh! as if spending a holiday with Vic's really large family wasn't enough, there is not only a ghost seeking help but also a very resentful ex! The ghost, though, is very damaged, and they can't understand what could have done such terrible damage. And, once they are back, they discover that who/whatever was, it has been in town. From there, we'll find dark magic, very old mythical creatures and danger. This is a very, very interesting, fun and loving story. If you enjoy urban fantasy with a dash of m/m romance, this is for you.

Lucky Town: A Badlands Novella

by Morgan Brice

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Lucky Town: A Badlands Novella, Morgan Brice
Lucky Town: A Badlands Novella, Morgan Brice
This title is due for release on March 29, 2019.

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Lucky Town: A Badlands Novella, Morgan Brice
This title is due for release on March 29, 2019
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Lucky Town: A Badlands Novella, Morgan Brice
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Lucky Town: A Badlands Novella, Morgan Brice

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