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Mágia: Hungarian Myth, Magic, and Folklore

Mágia: Hungarian Myth, Magic, and Folklore

Written by:
Margit Tóth
Narrated by:
Ann Richardson
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2024
10 hours 30 minutes
Explore the world of Hungarian Paganism with this book's impressive collection of history, lore, and traditions from the Carpathian basin. The Hungarian people, also known as the Magyars, fused pre-Christian and Christian beliefs into their identity, and that fusion remains today. Exploring mythology, daily life, magic, and life passages, this book reveals the old ways of Hungarian practitioners.

Margit Toth introduces you to many aspects of the Magyar cosmos, from the creation story to homestead practices. Among many other topics, you will learn how to aid a restless spirit, what magical properties the Summer Solstice bonfire has, and why you should never wash clothes on a Tuesday. This book provides insight on ancestors, nature spirits, sacred foods, healing magic, divination, and even death.
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