Make Yourself a Millionaire

Narrated by:
Anna Fields

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2005
4 hours 22 minutes
A Step-by-Step Plan that Will Meet All of Your Family's Financial Needs--Both Today and Down the Road Make Yourself a Millionaire is unlike any personal finance book you've ever read. Instead of enticing you with can't-miss tricks for doubling your money overnight, tricks that usually only cost you money, it provides you with commonsense guidance for taking charge of every crucial financial aspect of your life--from saving and investing to life insurance, college tuition, taxes, and more. Charles Zhang, one of today's most honored and successful financial advisors, reveals keys to improving your money smarts across the board, keys that include: Investing strategies for shrewdly building solid and long-lasting wealth in the stock market, with surprisingly little effort In-depth descriptions of every major type of life insurance, with the pros and cons of each Methods for getting the most from Social Security, whether you plan on retiring tomorrow or in 30 years Praise for Make Yourself a Millionaire: 'Charles Zhang is a true American success story. His hard work and dedication to providing highquality financial advice is legendary within American Express. This book is a great roadmap for those who want to reach their dreams. It is a must read.'--Ken Chenault, Chairman and CEO, American Express Deep down, millions of Americans suspect they should have a sensible, comprehensive financial plan. Yet even as barriers to achieving financial security increase by the day, such a plan--one that covers everything from investing to insurance to education costs to retirement--continues to remain far more the exception than the rule. Make Yourself a Millionaire is today's most straightforward guidebook for ensuring that all of your family's financial needs are met. Award-winning financial advisor Charles Zhang--who became one of today's most successful financial advisors by stressing sane and sensible investing strategies over dubious, get-rich-quick tricks and schemes--draws on his years of experience to outline a clear and rational program guaranteed to organize and plan every aspect of your financial life. How can you gain the huge benefits of stock market investing while minimizing the risks? What type of life insurance should you have--and how much is too much? Zhang answers these questions and more as he discusses: Guidelines for choosing a financial advisor that is right for you--and your situation Facts you need to know about stocks, mutual funds, bonds, annuities, REITs, and more Asset allocation strategies for cushioning against sudden market downturns When good investing goes bad--actual case studies of investors trying shortcuts to beat the market, and losing All about college savings plans, and how the popular 529 plan can afford you completely tax-free asset growth Estate planning techniques designed to save your heirs thousands of dollars in estate taxes Everyone who has a stake in the financial markets--and, today, that pretty much means everyone--should have a fundamental grasp of what they are investing in and why. Using real-life examples, plain-English explanations, helpful worksheets, and more, Make Yourself a Millionaire provides you with a wall-to-wall understanding of what you currently own versus what you need to own, and how to make them one and the same. Combining their textbook knowledge of financial planning with the unflinching honesty and empathy that have made them two of today's most sought-after financial planners, Charles Zhang joins with wife and fellow planning professional Lynn L. Chen-Zhang to give you the knowledge you need to live a rewarding life today, while assuring yourself a long and financially comfortable retirement.
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