Making Contact with the Other Side: How to Enhance Your Own Psychic Powers

Written by:
Sylvia Browne
Narrated by:
Sylvia Browne

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 1998
1 hour 56 minutes
Psychic Sylvia Browne Reveals . . .The Nature of the 'Other Side'
Ever wonder what's on the Other Side? Well, renowned psychic Sylvia Browne has made contact with it, and on this invaluable audio program, she discusses that world as well as this one in her inimitably humorous and straightforward manner. This life, according to Sylvia, is only a camping trip from the Other Side, and God has put everything we need into our backpacks.
Share in Sylvia's unique knowledge of the Other Side as she shares her thoughts on:
-the 'contract' that each of us made before our birth, which directs our lives and which is the source of our perceived limits;
-our family and interpersonal relationships, disease, religion, past lives, and the difference between angels and spirit guides;
-misconceptions such as possession, Hell, curses, and the like;
-overcoming phobias and negative self-perceptions; and
-the euphoria of giving up this plane and going to the Other Side, where we find our soulmates.
Sylvia shows us that this world and its Other Side are two sides of the same coin. She encourages us to transcend being judgmental or self-absorbed, and to use our own common sense instead-that is, to be self-reliant and 'a channel for God.'
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