Marilyn Monroe: Her Life, Career, and Her Legacy in a Nutshell

Marilyn Monroe: Her Life, Career, and Her Legacy in a Nutshell

Written by:
Kelly Mass
Narrated by:
Chris Newman
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2022
1 hour 16 minutes
Marilyn Monroe has been part of the sexual revolution during the mid-20th century. Her influence in the movie industry, as an icon for attractiveness and femininity, have been noticed by hundreds of millions, even after her death.

Did Marilyn Monroe have success? Yes. Was her life easy? Not by far. Her failed marriages, early childhood trauma, mood disorder, and some of the struggles with her sexuality, contracts, and Hollywood producers have made her life go up and down so much that I’m sure she would describe some moments as the ultimate bliss and others as a living hell.

To understand such a complicated mess, a life covered in glamor and at the same time, tainted by manipulative individuals and her own weaknesses, addictions, and imperfections, we have to take a closer look. This way, we can understand why the world’s eyes were on her, and why she is still recognized as a symbol of attractiveness.
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