The Mark of the Dead: The Jamie Johansson Files Book 2

Written by:
Morgan Greene
Narrated by:
Sofia Engstrand

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2024
9 hours 28 minutes
They've been marked. And now there's no escape ...
After cutting Aram Petrosyan's trafficking operation off at the knees, Detective Jamie Johansson and her new ward Alina are square in the crosshairs. Retribution must be had, and to carry out the task, Petrosyan unleashes upon them a man like no other. The Nhang moves without being seen and kills without mercy. And he's coming for them both.
Can Jamie stay one step ahead of this deadly new adversary? She'll have to use all of the skills at her disposal if she hopes to survive and finally close in on the elusive Aram Petrosyan. His operation seems to be recovering quickly, so there's no time to lose. With help from old friends and new, she'll once again rise to face the people that want her dead, and stand for those who can't defend themselves.
Evil may never rest, but Jamie Johansson doesn't either. And when they come, she'll be waiting.
The second, thrilling instalment of the pulse-pounding Jamie Johansson Files crime thriller series. Perfect for fans of Welsh crime, Simon McCleave, Anglea Marsons, and DS Butler.
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