Mary: An Awakening of Terror

Written by:
Nat Cassidy
Narrated by:
Susan Bennett

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2022
15 hours 31 minutes
Nat Cassidy’s highly commercial, debut horror novel Mary, blends Midsommar with elements of American Psycho and a pinch of I'll Be Gone in the Dark.

Mary is a quiet, middle-aged woman doing her best to blend into the background. Unremarkable. Invisible. Unknown even to herself.

But lately, things have been changing inside Mary. Along with the hot flashes and body aches, she can’t look in a mirror without passing out, and the voices in her head have been urging her to do unspeakable things.

Fired from her job in New York, she moves back to her hometown hoping to reconnect with her past and inner self. What she finds instead are visions of terrifying, mutilated specters come with increasing regularity, she begins auto-writing strange thoughts and phrases, and her investigations reveal that these experiences are echoes of an infamous serial killer.

Then the killings begin again.

Mary’s definitely going to find herself.

A Macmillan Audio production from Tor Nightfire.
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One of a kind read with so much going on. Highly entertaining.

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I am only two hours into this book and cannot stop listening! So far I am utterly captivated. The writing is absolutely excellent and the narration spot on. I believe I have found another great author to add to my collection.

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Ufff. Believed some social media hype about this book and got exactly what I deserved. Total disappointment, the main character is I sufferable in every way. Wouldn’t have been so bad if the forward hadn’t implied that you’re supposed to see her as some kind of protagonist. Exhausting from start to finish, but I did finish it because I’m a masochist. Tons of better stuff to use your credit on. Also contains extreme animal cruelty.

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It's not a very good book. I'd save my money or credit if I were you.

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A.D. Lee

I would be remiss to call this just a "horror" book it's so much more. It does gives OG True Detective vibes in places, and fuck the patriarchy themes a good bit. At times, this book is the best comedy I've ever read - embarrassing myself in work meetings, the gym and countless other places. An uplifting empowering book that reminds us we will never outgrow our usefulness damn it!!!!. This is a 10/10 WILL recommend and WILL read again book. Do yourself a favor and give it a read or listen (I highly recommend the later, the narrator is the bee's knees!). PS: Stay for the authors afterward it's well worth it.

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