Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles

Written by:
Margaret George
Narrated by:
Donada Peters

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2006
42 hours 33 minutes
She was a child crowned a queen....
A sinner hailed as a saint....
A lover denounced as a whore...
A woman murdered for her dreams...

Margaret George's Mary Queen of Scotland & the Isles brings to life the fascinating story of Mary, who became the Queen of Scots when she was only six days old. Raised in the glittering French court, returning to Scotland to rule as a Catholic monarch over a newly Protestant country, and executed like a criminal in Queen Elizabeth's England, Queen Mary lived a life like no other, and Margaret George weaves the facts into a stunning work of historical fiction.
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I think that every daughter of parents rich and poor should listen to this book. Never was there a higher price paid for such lessons in faith and folly. There are portions read so convincingly that a reader might wake up finding themselves unable to return to the modern age! As for our sons, let them read also! For there is the female mindset laid out plainly for you to know and understand. Take head all you villains, know your rewards as well. Take head all you of deep conviction and principles, for yours is this book’s many proofs of long life and virtues. This book also counsels sinners that there is hope in true trust in your Redeemer. Thank so much for this wonderful presentation. Bravo.

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Jessica W.

This book kept me engaged the whole time despite how long it is. It is very well written. I cannot wait to read King Henry VIII and Cleopatra, also by Margaret George

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