Master Your Mind: Counterintuitive Strategies to Refocus and Re-Energize Your Runaway Brain

Written by:
Robb Zbierski , Roger Seip
Narrated by:
Roger Wayne

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2020
6 hours 41 minutes
Master Your Mind offers a bit of perspective and a lot of insight for anyone seeking long-term success. Success in business is spelled M-O-R-E: better results, faster growth, more revenue, greater efficiency. Do more. Make more. Achieve more. And do it now. Eventually, ambition turns to stress, then to frenzy, then to emptiness as once-ambitious workers endlessly trudge the hamster wheel chasing the next promotion. While top-level performance is the holy grail of business at all levels, there is another, much better way to achieve it: slow down.

Slowing down is not a luxury, it is a necessity. A frenetic brain simply doesn't perform at optimal levels. By maintaining a snail's pace, you actually achieve better results-at rocket speed-because you're firing on all cylinders. You'll think of new things, approach old problems from new perspectives, and breathe a breath of fresh air into everything you do. This book shows you how to achieve this state of steady, sustainable fire, and how to get further by crawling than you ever did while attempting to fly.

You know you're capable of more, but the stress is eating away at your body, your brain, and your soul. Relax, take a deep breath, and buckle down. Clear your mind, and then put it to work. Master Your Mind shows you how to supercharge your trajectory by taking it S-L-O-W.
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This is my first audio book from audio I have learnt so much. Amazing! Simply amazing!

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I learnt a lot from this book. Great stuff!

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Ermiyas Mekonnen Desta

What a brilliant book and narrated to easily understand

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Jackie B.

One fantastic book!

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Jared H.

Great book, worth a read.

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Kim S.

A good listen, good advice, wasn't exactly what I was looking for though, good information...

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Mollen Maswanganyi

The book has some basic insights, but also reminders of how to train your mind for success

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