Miss Fortune

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2013
13 hours 10 minutes
In the third book of The Fancy Lives of the Lear Sisters trilogy, a dreamy, sheltered heiress finds herself thrust into the real world, never imagining a cold dose of reality holds the key to her happily ever after.

Rachel Lear is a dreamer, content to spend her days curled up with a romantic novel or dabbling at the dissertation she can’t seem to finish. But then her overbearing father, fed up with Rachel’s aimlessness, decides to shock her back to reality by cutting her off from the family fortune. Suddenly Rachel needs a plan—and, more importantly, a job. Fortunately her best friend (who dabbles in magic) has an idea: cast a spell to bring prosperity and love into Rachel’s life. Something so crazy can’t possibly work…can it?

Handsome, charming, and with an English accent to boot, Flynn Oliver is like a real-life Prince Charming. A man that sexy could have any woman he wants. But when fate places him in Rachel Lear’s path, it doesn’t take long for Flynn to realize she’s the only woman for him. There’s just one catch: Flynn isn’t like the characters in her romance novels. He’s a real man, with real shortcomings and secrets. Secrets that could dash Rachel’s dreams—or give her the perfect ending after all.
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