Mission Transition: Navigating the Opportunities and Obstacles to Your Post-Military Career

Written by:
Matthew J. Louis
Narrated by:
Levi Wiggins , John Behrens

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2019
7 hours 20 minutes
Mission Transition is an essential career-change guide for any transitioning veteran that wants to avoid false starts and make optimal career choices following active duty.

Every year, about a quarter of a million veterans leave the military - most of whom are unprepared for the transition. These service members have developed incredible leadership, problem-solving, and practical skills that are underutilized once they reach the civilian world, a detriment to both themselves and society.

Well-intentioned Transition Assistance Programs and other support structures within the armed forces often leave veterans fending for themselves. The mission-first culture of the military results in service members focusing on their active duty roles in the year leading up to their separation, leaving them little time to adequately prepare to join the civilian world.

President of Purepost, a next-generation staffing solution and public benefits corporation, and author Matthew J. Louis guides military personnel through the entire process of making a successful move into civilian professional life.

In Mission Transition, this book will:

- Guide you through the process of discovering what path you want to take going forward
- Teach you the strategies that will make your résumé stand out
- Provide suggestions to help you prepare for and ace the interview
- Discuss ways to acclimate to your new organization’s culture and pay it forward to other veterans

Each chapter includes advice from other veterans, illustrations of key concepts, summaries, and suggested resources. Let this well-written and easy to follow guidebook help you transition out from the military and commit to being successful in the next chapter of your life.
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