The Mistress of Auschwitz

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2021
11 hours 15 minutes
Based on the harrowing life of Eleonore Hodys, The Mistress of Auschwitz follows the true story of a political prisoner detained in the notorious concentration camp. While experiencing all the horrors of the holocaust, Eleonore turns to friendship for survival. Through companionship with another female prisoner, Eleonore must decide if she has the courage to join the resistance movement which is planning the overthrow of their wicked oppressors. Matters are only complicated when Eleonore unwittingly attracts the attention of the Commandant and she is forced to decide between her own comfort or her principles.
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I never like to give a book a negative review, as a lot of work has gone into it, but this book felt a little forced - taking some loose lying facts and making a story of it. The story was reasonably predictable and even the harrowing, emotionally charged details were often more just strung together than constructed together to create impact. I did not feel an emotional contact with the characters or their thought patterns. At one stage I thought it might have to do with the narrator, who portrayed the narration in a very formal way. I am not sure, but it was not a book that I could not wait to get back to, It has just come to an end.

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