Money Made Easy: How to Budget, Pay Off Debt, and Save Money

Written by:
Allison Baggerly
Narrated by:
Marguerite Gavin

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2023
8 hours 17 minutes
Bust your debt for good with this results-based blueprint to financial freedom

In Money Made Easy: How to Budget, Pay Off Debt, and Save Money, renowned blogger, podcaster, speaker, and Founder of Inspired Budget, Allison Baggerly, delivers a powerful and effective blueprint to saving, budgeting, and investing your way to a brighter financial future. You’ll discover saving, income, business, and debt-reduction tips as you identify your “money pattern” and break bad habits.

In the audio, you’ll learn:
How you can put into practice the expert tips found inside
Credit card balance-busting strategies that will put an end to your revolving cycle of consumer debt
Ways to create a “sinking fund” to help pave your way to financial freedom
An easy-to-follow and immediately actionable roadmap to financial independence at any age, Money Made Easy takes the mystery and jargon out of personal finance and offers you the guidance you need to transform your financial life.
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