Moon Broken

Written by:
H. D. Gordon
Narrated by:
Rachel Dulude

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2018
7 hours 42 minutes
Recently freed from a life of violence and slavery, Rukiya Moonborn finds herself in a strange new world full of hope and possibilities, unlike any she's ever known. But the monsters of her past are about to catch up with her, putting everyone around her in danger.

In her daring escape from chains, Rook left behind a world of chaos, setting the status quo on fire and taking down Reagan Ramsey, the West Coast Pack Master, with her exit. Now, the remaining four Pack Masters are calling for her head, well aware of the threat Rook's open rebellion has caused.

And when Ryker, Rook's former lover and the right hand of her oppressor, makes an aggressive attempt at getting her back, Rook must decide where her broken heart lies.
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