Written by:
S.J. West
Narrated by:
Carly Robins

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2017
9 hours 58 minutes
'Find me, Sarah . . .'

When a handsome stranger whispers these three little words to Sarah Marcel, she knows her life is forever changed.

For two weeks straight, Sarah's been unable to eat, sleep, or even form a coherent thought properly. She fears she's losing her mind until a chance encounter brings a man into her life who seems to hold the key to solving her problems. With a single touch, he's able to ease her troubled soul and bring her some much-needed peace. Yet, just as Sarah believes she's found the solution to her dilemma, he disappears.

As Sarah begins to unravel a mystery surrounding her family's past, she quickly discovers her role in a world that's hidden from most humans. Being a Marcel comes with certain responsibilities, and there are some things that you can't hide from forever.

Contains mature themes.
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Holly Leach

I enjoyed this book. It could probably be classified as YA, if the characters were in high school. There's no sex, no fight scenes, and VERY little to no cursing. I liked the world the author has created, but I wish it was grittier.

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