Mr. Vega

Written by:
Xyla Turner
Narrated by:
Mari , Troy Duran

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2020
6 hours 4 minutes
Mr. Vega

I didn't want this woman to be my nanny. She had no experience and a failed art career. What did she know about rearing children? She was my late wife's choice and I didn't too much care for the woman and she didn't care for me either.

Until all hell broke loose and the nanny was the only one my son could turn to. The only one we could rely on. She kept us going and then she wanted to leave too. Not a damn chance.


There could never be anything between me and Mr. Vega. He was the father of the boy in my charge. I was his nanny. Nothing more and nothing less.

The lines needed to be clear between him and me, but a nagging feeling told me, he would keep them blurred.

Contains mature themes.
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