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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2008
9 hours 19 minutes
Hillary Jordan's mesmerizing debut novel won the Bellwether Prize for fiction. A powerful piece of Southern literature, Mudbound takes on prejudice in its myriad forms on a Mississippi Delta farm in 1946. City girl Laura McAllen attempts to raise her family despite questionable decisions made by her husband. Tensions continue to rise when her brother-in-law and the son of a family of sharecroppers both return from WWII as changed men bearing the scars of combat.
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Teresa B.

Hillary Jordan's novel, told in six voices from two families. One the white landlord's, the other the black tenant farmer's. The viscousness of southern racism and hatred is powerfully depicted in this heartbreaking story. It is one of the most compelling tales of southern insanity I have read, and left me deeply moved. Set in a moment in the not so distant past where the only people with power are white men, everyone else must bend to their will. I felt impatient for Laura to lash out at Pappy, and when she doesn't have to feel the oppression she is subject to. I felt the despair of Florence who hasn't the power to protect her family, and when the time comes is denied her rightful vengeance. The KKK brand of bible twisting cruelty is horrifyingly drawn; Jordan renders this hatred personal, infuriating, allowing the reader to feel the powerlessness of those most in need of compassion and care, those most worthy of honor. I couldn't put it down. I look forward to the sequel I read rumors of in the reviews and will definitely look for more of Jordan's work. Only one thing tripped me up. Ronsel is a smart man; I had a hard time believing he'd so quickly lose track of the letter that has changed his life. The only thing that tripped me. Highly recommend!

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Rebecca Brock

A very well written story but very sad. Now I need to read a comedy!

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Heavy topic but so interesting to read about the past and great narration. It keep me wanting to listen. I highly recommend.

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Carol M.

Excellent narration of a wonderful novel. Hillary Jordon really takes the reader back In time to rural Mississippi when life was difficult for some and seemingly impossible for others.

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diffucult topics but important.

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Amy C

Incredibly well written and interesting story - made me want to read more fiction about race relations

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Suzanne M.

An accurate book I am sure from the time it was to have been. So sad and how people were treated back then and in some place of the world they still are. Very enjoyable and horrifying but realistic I would recommend this

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