My Dragon Mate (Broken Souls 3)

Written by:
Alisa Woods
Narrated by:
Shannon Gunn , Yvonne Syn

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2024
3 hours 25 minutes
When dark elves corrupt the very thing you are, there’s only one path to redemption.
This is all my fault.
The fates sent them to me in a dream—the twin soul mates and the dragon man with the pale brown eyes. I knew they were key to everything. I knew I’d pay a price for it.
What I didn’t see coming was the flutter in my belly when the dragon man’s eyes were upon me.
He’s a fine thing, but that’s not important—rescuing these women from the feckin’ Elves. That’s important.
Not least because it’s my fault they’re here.
Witches are supposed to be healers. Matchmakers of dragons. My mother and her mother before her… we aren’t supposed to be destroyers.
So I’ll undo what I’ve done, but I tell myself, There’s nothing more for you, Alice.
Don’t let that dragon man wreck your head… or all your carefully laid plans.
Alice’s a witch held hostage. Constantine’s a dragon who gave up long ago… together they might save dragonkind, but it could already be too late for their broken souls.
My Dragon Mate is a steamy dragon shifter romance that’ll heat up the sheets with love and warm your heart with dragonfire.
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