My four-year-old the property investor

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2021
4 hours 21 minutes
Bestseller – Over 120,000 sold. If you only read one investment book, this is that book.

In jargon-free language, Cam lays out a step-by-step investment instruction manual to give you:

* A clear understanding of Australian property investment.

* 3 easy steps you can use to find the best investment, every time.

* Tools & checklists which reduce risk & maximise your returns.

Using Cam’s straight-line to wealth investing method, you’ll also learn:

* How to identify market growth cycles, before they occur.

* To cut out media hype & invest based on factual market data.

* The 10 biggest mistakes made by investors.

* How to pay your home off in 10 years, not 30.

* Finance structuring & taxation made easy.

* How to keep your own home safe & out of the banks hands.

* When not to invest in property.

* How to avoid ‘sharks’ who circle the property industry.

* Easy to understand trusts, contracts & prenuptial agreements.

* 5 key exit strategies.

* Why a modest income is no barrier to successful property investing.

* How passive income from growth property can fund a life you never thought possible
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