My Kind of Christmas

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2018
6 hours 52 minutes
Sometimes the best surprises are right at home . . .

Returning to Branding Iron, Texas, is Travis Morgan’s last resort, and the abandoned ranch he inherited isn’t much more welcoming than the prison cell where he spent the last three years doing time for a tragic accident. Completely without funds or family, Travis finds celebrating Christmas is the last thing on his mind, but there’s no escaping the holiday spirit in this close-knit little town—not with Branding Iron’s longtime Santa retiring, and sweetly stubborn Mayor Maggie Delaney determined to find a replacement. When her no-nonsense façade slips to reveal the sensual, vulnerable woman beneath it, Travis realizes Maggie just might be as lonely as he is—and that this holiday season, love could be the gift that heals them both.
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Carmel S.

I desperately needed something to lift my mood, and this sweet Christmas love story was perfect! It has a small mystery, some family drama, a small town, a snowy Christmas ⛄, cute animals, and not one but three hunky cowboys

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