My Pet

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2023
2 hours 38 minutes
Nervous, scared, and completely unqualified. That's the way I walked into Jack Shaw's office building. I walked out with my stomach in knots for a completely different reason. My heart is pounding like I had actually went running.

My head and heart war with quitting or working through the fiery desire he stimulates through me. At the end of the day, I leave the decision to him. The problem is I can't tell if he wants to toss me over his desk or out on my rear. I guess by the dark look in his eyes, I'll soon find out.

Contains mature themes.
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Oriane M.

This was a sweet Instalove office romance without drama and with a sweet HEA

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This is my first time listening to C.M.Steele so I had no idea what to expect,only being 2 hours 38 min I knew it would be a quick listen. There was quite alot packed into a short book and this story between Jack Shaw and his new employee Petra Novak is an insta love story.They fall for one another immediately and from then on its all bets are off for Jack as soon as he sees Petra he wants her,and would do anything to have her. Jack is all caveman and is sometimes over the top with his domineering vibes,but he did make me laugh at times his inner dialogue was so funny.Because he wanted to destroy any man who came close to Petra. Petra is shy nervous and quite sweet and innocent and is more than willing to let Jack be all Alpha and protective of her and once she has him they can't get enough of eachother. My Pet is an enjoyable fast paced listen the narration performed by Marie Hawkins and Hector Carrillo was Excellent,I loved listening to their storytelling.They are new Narrators to me and I would definately listen to them again and again. This is a very steamy and entertaining book and a great listen if you are looking for Hot and spicy listen while going about your day.

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Kari G.

Petra works for a temp agency and has just been assigned to be the executive assistant to the demanding CEO. She isn’t certain what to make of the man’s behavior but the one thing she does know is that she needs the job so she can’t give in to the attraction she has for him. From the moment that Jack saw Petra he knew that he would be claiming her as his own. Now he just needs time to convince her and that means ensuring that no other man is allowed close. The chemistry between them is intense and Jack wasn’t about to let anyone or anything stand in their way. I listened to the audio copy and thought the narrators were a good choice for the characters and their story.

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Cathy B.

This is a short,sweet, quick listen. It’s fast paced and also quick moving. The main story takes place in a week and boom. So insta lust to insta love, lots of dirty talk and sex so I give this 5 purr heat index. It’s an allover good, hot, erotic story.

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Erin L.

If you are looking for an instant love story which is not a long listen, then this is the book for you. C.M. Steele is a new author to me, and I found this an interesting listen. Jack Shaw is an over the top, domineering man who instantly decides that Petra Novak is his From the moment she meets her new boss, Petra is intimidated and nervous and yet there is something about the domineering man that calls to her. Jack is possessive and determined to make Petra his and it was entertaining to watch their story play out. The narration by Marie Hawkins and Hector Carrillo who are both new to me was entertaining. They brought the characters and story to life for me.

My Pet
This title is due for release on August 8, 2023.

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My Pet
This title is due for release on August 8, 2023
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My Pet
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My Pet

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