The Neverhartts: Volume One

The Neverhartts: Volume One

Written by:
Dawn Brower
Narrated by:
Penny Scott-Andrews
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2023
8 hours 17 minutes
Never Defy a Vixen: What's a lady to do when her parents' death leaves her family destitute? For Lady Wilhelmina Neverhartt that means marriage to a much older man. One that also agrees to support her four younger siblings. Unfortunately her new husband dies on their wedding night and leaves her fate in charge of his heir, Zachary Ward, the new Duke of Graystone. Zachary finds Lady Wilhelmina vexing, and enchanting at the same time. At first he believes she married his uncle for his money and title, but that doesn't stop his growing desire for her. He wants her, but cannot trust her, and along the way his original beliefs no longer matter.

Never Disregard a Wallflower: Lady Theodora Neverhartt has no desire to find love, and ensures no one ever really notices her. She is never asked to dance which she considers a blessing. Being a wallflower is a goal she actively tries to achieve and besides, it gives her many opportunities to watch the members of the ton without interruption. So of course that would lead her to trouble, and his name is Ezra Halsey, the Viscount of Carrolton. Attempting to escape a marriage minded mother and her scheming daughter Ezra ducks into a dark corner and finds Theodora there.

Never Dare a Hellion: Lady Christiana Neverhartt is accustomed to getting her own way. Some days she fully believes she should have been born a princess. When her spoiled behavior lands her in trouble she has to rely on the one man she cannot abide to save her…Sutton Brooks, the Marquess of Foxworth. The last thing Sutton wants is to rescue a strong-willed lady from her own mistakes, but he steps in to protect her. Unfortunately, the only way to properly do so is to marry her.
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