Nick (Hard Rock Star Series, #2)

Written by:
Jade Allen
Narrated by:
D.C. Cole

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2018
2 hours 32 minutes
Am I just attracted to a woman I can’t have? Or is Olivia the one who has the power to bring me to my knees once and for all?

Our singer Alex landed our band on every major gossip tabloid and website with his crazy antics. Now, we’re tasked with running an insane amount of press to run damage control with the hopes of cleaning up our image.

So when this chick Olivia Grant showed up—representing yet another magazine—I expected to hear the same lazy questions we’d been getting for months.

Man, was I wrong. Not only was she way smarter than anyone else we’d talked to in the press, but she caught me off guard—somehow she was able to resist my charms, and I gotta tell you, you could smell and taste the electricity and sexual tension between us.

One night after a few rounds of drinks, we found ourselves alone together. Before we knew, it we dismantled every bit of resistance and doubt and were fully committed to being absolutely consumed by a night of pure debauchery and pleasure.

I’ve never been the long-term relationship type, but for sex this absolutely mind-blowing and life changing, I’m willing to compromise—but how do I convince her that she’s different than all the others and that she alone is my addiction?

WARNING! This audiobook is intended for listeners age 18 and over. It contains mature situations and strong sexual language that may be objectionable to some listeners.
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