Written by:
Diana Palmer
Narrated by:
Natalie Ross

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2011
10 hours 10 minutes
When innocent, wealthy Nora Marlowe came to visit the Wild West, she was as wide open to adventure as the vast Texas horizon. Its rugged individualism—and dashing cowboys—suited her romantic spirit. That is, until the wrong cowboy decided to take the elegant heiress down a notch!

Cal Barton didn't like haughty Eastern misses. And he certainly didn't appreciate one invading the ranch where he worked. But something about Nora was irresistible. The pull between them only grew stronger the longer she stayed—until a simple kiss became a full-fledged seduction that threatened to destroy everything she held dear....
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Twyla Sandvick

I really enjoyed this book. The narrator was good but the male voices were distracting but not enough to spoil the book. This is my favorite kind of romance. it had it all - strong characters, some history in a good setting and a fast moving story. I was not bored.

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