Not So Little Green Man

Written by:
Erin Tate , Celia Kyle
Narrated by:
Justine O. Keef

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2018
4 hours 8 minutes
Since she's creeping up on the age of bearing service, the Earth government wants Jassa to have a baby and then hand it off for a family to raise, but Jassa wants her own family. Which means calling Celestial Mates. One questionnaire, a bit of blood, and a race to get away from the Department of Population, and she's got her wish-tall, sexy as hell, and occasionally green alien Vroe, the High Warlord of Vialea.

Vroe aches for a mate who doesn't see him as just a rise in status. He wishes for warmth and affection and goes to Celestial Mates to find… Jassa Marizen. Yet his ideas about mating-Jassa mating him and forever being known as only Vrya-collide with hers. She doesn't want to lose her past. He wants her to embrace her future.

And then there's this other woman . . . She just wants Vroe to herself.

Contains mature themes.
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I love this book so much.

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Ashante Williams

This was a short little romance and despite it’s length it was okay. The heroine is strong and opinionated, and the hero is stubborn and a complete alpha who isn’t completely familiar with the way things are done on earth. Unfortunately, he needs to learn quickly as his mate is from Earth. The one thing I didn’t really understand is why the women of the planet did not nurture their young. Also, why the hero’s brother gave out a sense of hate for his “birth brother” as he’s called. There’s no real explanation of the dynamic between brothers however there is a mention several times of the tension between the two outside of fighting over a mate. For a short story, I didn’t mind it at all.

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The Heidi

Love this book. perfect for a palette cleanser. Ment to be instalove. But there is one part of this book I just want to listen to over and over again... and it's not the sexy parts. Though that was good too.

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The story line doesn’t flow as smoothly as others and take awhile to build up and then it is over. The narrator is average.

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Simone Mathurin

Instant love....

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Angelica S.

This story had many parts where it feels kinda distant between the main characters but about 50% of the way you get a feel of how the relationship builds and is not all insta-love. Going to start the next book to see how the brothers story pans out.

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