Now, Conjurers

Written by:
Freddie Kölsch
Narrated by:
Giordan Diaz

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2024
10 hours 4 minutes
November 1999. North Dana, Massachusetts. Nesbit Nuñez discovers the partially devoured body of Bastion Attia: star quarterback, secret witch, and Nesbit’s even-more-secret boyfriend. No one knew why brilliant, gentle Bastion lived his life by a seemingly arcane set of rules, including a strange manner of speech and an inability to say his own name. Now the remaining members of North Coven—Nesbit, Dove, Drea, and Brandy—vow to get answers. Nothing can prepare them for what they uncover: Bastion had been locked in a terrifying battle of wits and wills with something living deep beneath an ancient mausoleum in the local cemetery. North Coven must confront the red-gloved monster that took piece after piece of Bastion, that he fought until his last breath. Not knowing that Bastion left behind the key to its destruction... Now, Conjurers is a wildly original, spine-chilling YA debut about queer found family and a love that outlasts death.
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