Old Land, New Tales: Twenty Short Stories by Writers of the Shaanxi Region in China

Written by:
Jia Pingwa , Chen Zhongshi
Narrated by:
Mikael Naramore , Kate Rudd

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2014
14 hours 31 minutes
In this captivating collection from the Shaanxi region, considered the cradle of Chinese civilization, twenty disparate and unique voices come together to show a China caught between new-world advancements and old-world traditions. From the homeland of China’s first dynasty and the world-famous terra-cotta warriors, these tales show rugged rural life colliding with fast-paced city life; hollow arranged marriages juxtaposed with torrid forbidden love affairs; and the vanity of newly minted millionaires clashing with the desperation of the poor. Through the eyes of award-winning authors, we see a changing China—from the Cultural Revolution to the country’s infamous one-child policy—giving us a profound look at the evolution of a land that is at once ancient and modern.
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