Release Date
May 2023
9 hours 43 minutes
11 gripping thrillers from some of BBC Radio's best contemporary writers, including BAFTA- winner Neil McKay

Inventive, intriguing and atmospheric, this eclectic selection of crime, mystery and psychological dramas immerses us in a series of diverse worlds where nothing is what it appears to be, and nobody is quite what they seem.

Wide in scope and disparate in style, the stories range from a police procedural and a dark, dystopian eco-thriller to a shocking tale of modern-day slavery, based on real-life events. Created by a host of writers, including BAFTA Award-winning playwright Neil McKay, they are by turn chilling, surreal, haunting and darkly comic.

Meet Maynard, desperate to turn his life around and escape a life of crime; teenagers Saurabh and Yusuf, who make a sinister discovery on Alderly Edge; Kit, struggling to regain her identity after an accident; and Tiger Girl Michelle, addicted to gambling in London's casinos. All will experience the unexpected, and find their lives changed beyond recognition...

Among the casts are Suranne Jones, Lemn Sissay, Kobna Holdbrook-Smith, Fiona Shaw, Erin Doherty, Maggie Steed, Pauline McLynn, Ralph Ineson and Gary Lewis.

Cast and credits
All productions are Sparklab Productions for BBC Radio 4 and Radio 3
Produced by Melanie Harris and Executive Produced by Polly Thomas, Jeremy Mortimer & Jo Meek

On the Edge
Cast: Darren Kuppan, Renny Krupinski, Conor Alexander, Matt Andrews, Fiona Clarke, Jeffrey Longmore, Rachel Caffrey
Written by Neil McKay. Directed by Melanie Harris.

Ballad of the Burning Boy
Cast: Suranne Jones, Lemn Sissay, Chris Finnegan, Phil Korbel
Written by Lavinia Murray. Directed by Melanie Harris.

Cast: Fraser Ayres, Kobna Holdbrook-Smith, Ellen Thomas, Chizzy Akudolu, Kellie Shirley, Martina Laird
Written by Fraser Ayres. Directed by Kathy Burke.

Cast: Effie Woods, Jonas Khan, Sarah Waddell, Richard Teverson
Written by Alex Bulmer. Produced and Directed by Polly Thomas

The Disappearance of Mr Chan
Cast: Jennifer Leong, Jeremy Ang Jones, Jamie Zubairi, Liz Sutherland-Lim, Michelle Yim
Written by Simon Wu. Directed by David Tse.

The Music Lesson
Cast: Fiona Shaw, Erin Doherty
Written by Hannah Silva. Directed by Susannah Tresilian.

Ninety Minutes with Stanislavski
Cast: Colin Stinton, Norah Lopez Holden, Maggie Steed, Matthew Marsh, Nicholas Woodeson, Bruce Alexander
Written by Marcy Kahan. Directed by Melanie Harris

The Crossing
Cast: Pauline McLynn, Owen O'Neill, Laurence Dobiesz, Michael Colgan
Written by Tara Hegarty. Directed by JP McKeown

Tiger Girls
Cast: Crystal Yu, Pik-Sen Lim, Adam J Bernard, Liz Sutherland-Lim, Lobo Chan
Written by Amy Ng. Directed by Shan Ng

The Saudi Prince and the Pauper
Cast: Ralph Ineson, Yousef Kerkour, Lloyd Thomas, Mary Doherty
Written by Neil McKay. Directed by Melanie Harris

The Last of England
Cast: Anthony O'Donnell, Gary Lewis, Dan Gordon, George Bukhari, Faye McKeever
Written by Neil McKay. Directed by Melanie Harris

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