Oshun: The Ultimate Guide to an Orisha of Yoruba and Santería, the Divine Feminine, and Ifa

Oshun: The Ultimate Guide to an Orisha of Yoruba and Santería, the Divine Feminine, and Ifa

Written by:
Mari Silva
Narrated by:
Ivan Busenius
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2023
3 hours 28 minutes
Expand your knowledge about the Oshun, the Orisha, the Saint, the Goddess of love and prosperity, and the divine feminine.

Do you want to learn how Oshun is revered in different cultures?

Do you want to figure out whether you’re the child of Oshun?

Are you interested in mastering unique ways to celebrate the goddess?

Like many other Orishas, Oshun has human qualities, too. She is sensual, loves caring for herself, and encourages her followers to do the same.

In this audiobook, you will:

- Gain insight into the different ways Oshun is portrayed in Yoruba, Santeria, and Ifa
- Identify the best ways to determine if Oshun is your Yoruba parent
- Delve into the colorful myths and legends associated with Oshun
- Learn about the concept of the divine feminine and how to connect to it in your own unique way
- Understand which symbols are associated with Oshun and what offerings she prefers to receive
- Master the ability to create and maintain an altar honoring Oshun
- Learn how to cast spells and rituals to invoke Oshun and ask her assistance in obtaining love, beauty, prosperity, or fertility
- Learn which are the best days for celebrating Oshun
- Find the best ways to venerate Oshun through daily rituals, including meditation, self-care, and more

Through comprehensive insight into the beliefs surrounding her and beginner-friendly practical advice on how to connect with her, this audiobook will teach you everything you need to know about honoring Oshun.

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