Parables from Nature, Complete Set

Written by:
Margaret Gatty
Narrated by:
Bobbie Frohman , David Thorn

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2013
11 hours 44 minutes
Entertaining stories of nature with a moral lesson thrown in for good measure are fun as well as thought provoking. Children will be enthralled with the intimate look into the lives of the woodland creatures and their way of life. Subtleness in making a moral point is always a strength in Ms. Gatty’s stories.

Table of Contents:
1. A Lesson of Faith
2. The Law of Authority and Obedience
3. The Unknown Land
4. Training and Restraining
5. Waiting
6. The Law of the Wood
7. Cobwebs
8. Knowledge Not the Limit of Belief
9. The Light of Truth
10. A Lesson of Hope
11. The Circle of Blessing
12. Active and Passive
13. Not Lost But Gone Before
14. Motes in the Sunbeam
15. Red Snow
16. Whereunto
17. Purring When You're Pleased
18. The Voices of the Earth
19. The Master of the Harvest
20. The Deliverer
21. Inferior Animals
22. The General Thaw
23. The Light of Life
24. Gifts
25. Night and Day
26. Kicking
27. Imperfect Instruments
28. Birds in the Nest

Margaret Gatty (1809–1873) was a British children's author. The wife and daughter of clergymen, Gatty's work has a moral core, but with a sweet and friendly tone, accessible to children.
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