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Written by:
Nella Larsen
Narrated by:
Elizabeth Klett

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2015
3 hours 30 minutes
Nella Larsen, a novelist of the Harlem Renaissance, wrote two brilliant novels that interrogated issues of gender and race. In Passing, her second novel published in 1929, she examines the troubled friendship between two mixed-race women who can pass as white. One, Irene Redfield, marries a black man and lives in Harlem, while the other, Clare Kendry, marries a bigoted white man. Clare re-enters Irene's life after an absence of many years, and stirs up painful questions about identity. (Introduction by Elizabeth Klett)
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Elisabeth is by far the best narrator on Every recording she’s on is clear and easy to listen to. The book itself was also really good!

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Latoya l

Nice, book. Wish it lasted longer, it feels like it should be more.

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Jessie K

A simple and short read with a pretty interesting plot. I really enjoyed this one and the narrator did a wonderful job!

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Thomas W.

It was an interesting book. Elizabeth Klett is always excellent.

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Sabra G.

I liked the story okay. The ending seemed abrupt. Problem resolved, I guess.

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Pretty interesting read overall.

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Shirley B.

A good read but left me wanting more.

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Benjamin O.

Amazing novel. Beautifully written, a brilliant character study with profound thematic and psychological implications. The narrator does a nice job, has a great reading voice, and lends body and emotion to the characters. The one minor issue is in the mixing, wherein the transitions between recording sessions are jarringly apparent at times, especially in the quality of the recording itself. For a royalty free recording, though, this is pretty top quality.

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I loved it!

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Jan H.

Interesting book. Narrator was quite good and read the characters well. But the mispronunciation of words is, as always, inexcusable. And annoying. Why doesn’t anyone pick it up before releasing the books on here?

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Rashidah S.

I've read this book more than once. I was curious about focusing on the sound of the language. I was disappointed. The experience was not as satisfying. The narrator was polished. I found her constant pronunciation of been as "bean" strangely charming. However, her natural pace was a little fast for this text.

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The book gave such insight into the world of racism, classism and dark secrets of compromise all short of selling one’s own soul. Excellent book.

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Interesting subject given the relevancy to race issues today. I too felt it was rushed. Could have been developed more.

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Terry W.

Passing quietly powerful The story covers covers the pain of racial inferiority at the same time recognises the satisfaction of knowing that the reverse is true.

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This book had a potential to be a very good read. The story line was interesting but I thought it lacked depth and I was disappointed with the ending. It just ended abruptly.

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Christine Paulet

Enjoyed it, very interesting.

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Cynthia Simon

I didn't think I would like this book, but what a pleasant surprise, it's a wonderful listening, I would recommend this one to my family and friends.

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Nadia R.

A good book, but the narrator wasn’t what I expected.Story could have been longer.

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Endeshia K

Wow, this book is crazy. A bit of a hard read due to the racism, but a good story. Wish it had not ended so abruptly.

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