Path of the Dead

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2018
6 hours 0 minutes
The battle is one of wits and cunning, where the strong heart will overcome his enemy.

Ex-marine Arthur Nakai spent years as a member of the Shadow Wolves, an ICE tactical unit tasked by the US government to hunt human traffickers and drug smugglers on the US/Mexico border. He put that life of confronting violence in the darker contours of the desert landscape behind him and settled into a quiet existence in New Mexico with his wife, Sharon, a local TV reporter.

But when Sharon goes missing after crossing paths with a serial killer who has just added to his list of young victims, Arthur’s calm world is shattered. He must return to the darkness of the life he left behind in order to save what matters most to him, and the future he and his wife plan to share together. He can only hope that she is still alive, and that his skills will be enough to find her.

So begins the hunt—to find a ruthless killer and save the love of his life.
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reginald mose

great book

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Heather Jones

really good listen

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Donald C.

Utterly predictable. The "characters" were all more like caricatures.

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William Troyk

Interesting but only fair overall

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Carol K.

Good quick listen.

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Lori M.

solid story

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Srihari Y.

The book started off really slow, perhaps under the pretext of character development. The plot and path to resolve it were very poorly developed. You don't develop a liking to any of the characters, some of whom are introduced perhaps in an effort to garner sympathy, but are quickly killed off. Then, there is the nonsense about the media being corrupt and all that, which is really, really off-putting. This is one of too many books being written, not with the aim of completeness and entertainment, rather with the notion of releasing many, equally unpalatable follow-ons. Narration was fine.

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