Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow Books 4–6: The Sword of Cortés, The Age of Bronze, and Silver

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2019
5 hours 6 minutes
Before the Black Pearl, there was a teenage stowaway named Jack Sparrow …

Book 4: The Sword of Cortés

He has the enchanted sheath. He’s read the mystical incantation. He’s holding the all-powerful Sword of Cortés in his hands. But unfortunately for Jack Sparrow, he also has the specter of the Sword’s first master—Hernán Cortés—watching over his shoulder. Now, stranded on a snowy Caribbean island, the fate of the Barnacle’s crew hangs in the balance. Jack must find a way to command the unwieldy power of the Sword, defeat Cortés, and save his mates. But as usual, it won’t be easy.

Book 5: The Age of Bronze

With their recent quest for the legendary Sword of Cortés complete, Jack and his crew take a break in their mate Tumen’s village on the Yucatán peninsula. But when a charmed amulet goes missing, Jack and the crew become prime suspects. Can the crew clear their good names and conquer the dangerous duo who they believe to be the real thieves? And what exactly is the mystical power that the amulet holds? Jack and the crew of the Barnacle are about to find out.

Book 6: Silver

Jack’s first mate, Arabella Smith, has just made a startling discovery. Her mother, who she thought long-dead, is alive and well—and living a pirate’s life! Laura Smith is the captain of the powerful Fleur de la Mort. And she has some very powerful crewmates sailing with her, including the much-feared buccaneer Left-Foot Louis. When Jack and his crew are forcibly brought aboard the terrible Fleur, they quickly learn that there might not be an easy way off!
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