Pizza and Taco Lunch Special: Books 1 - 6: Who's the Best?; Best Party Ever!; Super-Awesome Comic!; Too Cool for School; Rock Out!; Dare to Be Scared!

Written by:
Stephen Shaskan
Narrated by:
Rene Ruiz

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2023
1 hour 21 minutes
Enjoy six books from this hilarious young graphic novel series, adapted for audio, about Pizza and Taco. Two best friends, lots of toppings...but only one of them can be the BEST, right? Fans of Narwhal and Jelly will eat this book up...and be hungry for more!

Pizza and Taco #1: Who's the Best?
Best friends are the BEST! But WHO is the BEST? Is it Pizza or Taco? The question is debatable! They both love water slides. They both are friends with Hot Dog and Hamburger. In fact, maybe they should have a debate and get their friends to VOTE for who's the best! Can their friendship survive the race for top spot on the popularity food chain? Cast your VOTE!

Pizza and Taco #2: Best Party Ever!
Pizza and Taco have the oh-so-relatable problem of not knowing what to do when boredom strikes. The answer? Throw a party! They have a location, a guest list, and decorations. Everything is perfect . . . until it isn't. In fact, it's kind of a DISASTER! Ice Cream has a meltdown, and who knew Hamburger was lactose intolerant? (Who invited Cheeseburger anyway?) Well, now they know how NOT to throw a party!!

Pizza and Taco #3: Super-Awesome Comic!
When you love comics like Pizza and Taco do, the next step after reading them is to collaborate on one!! But what happens when they run up against 'artistic differences?' Who gets to have the bigger muscles and the more rad superpowers? Can these two strong-willed foodstuffs compromise and make a comic that is more awesome than the sum of its parts?

Pizza and Taco #4: Too Cool for School B.L.T. wears sunglasses—even in school! He's not even worried about being late to class. SO COOL! I mean, 'whatever.' Pizza and Taco quickly pick up on what's cool—and what's not—by watching B.L.T.'s every move. Will that spell t-r-o-u-b-l-e for Pizza and Taco with their teacher, Mr. Apple? 

Pizza and Taco #5: Rock Out!
Pizza and Taco love music! They make lists, and they have tryouts to get more band members. They think they have all the ingredients to rock the scene. But maybe this garage band should stay in the garage!!

Pizza and Taco #6: Dare to Be Scared!
Pizza and Taco aren't afraid! To prove it, they dare each other to be scared. Dark closets and scary movies are a piece of cake—kind of. They're ready for the ultimate test—Ghost Pepper hunting! Pizza and Taco are sure they won't get scared...they made a list, after all!
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