Point of Proximity

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2017
7 hours 25 minutes
Nowhere to run.

When the military safe-zone is overrun, the group must escape, carrying with them their own internal tensions. Alec blames Elaina for the release of the virus. Natalia hates her father for leaving her. Will is tormented by memories of his family killing each other. And worst of all, Elaina is infected with the virus. When the group splinters, two will find refuge in an abandoned town hosted by a rogue group of soldiers, it seems. Is it possible they've found a safe space, or is there evil lurking there, about to unfold? Before they discover the answer, they will lose one of their own. But the question is, will any of them survive?

Contains mature themes.
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Beverly K.

loved this book series and only if I could get the next two books to finish the series.......I would definitely recommend it but it leaves you hanging as the last 2 books are unavailable it's like reading a who done novel and the last 5 chapters are not there .. great story though ...

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Dwayne Hubler

Great zed books a must listen

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Michael W.


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