The Polyglot Lovers

Written by:
Lina Wolff
Narrated by:
Sofia Engstrand

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
7 hours 53 minutes
'A singular novel, sometimes brutal, certainly merciless.' - Le Figaro (France)

Ferocious and irreverent, this multiple prize-winning novel burns down the pretensions of a pompous literary establishment and takes no prisoners.

Ellinor is thirty-six. She wears soft black sweatpants and a Michelin Man jacket. She fights. Smart and unsentimental, she tries her hand at online dating, only to be stranded in a snowstorm with a literary critic.

Cut to Max Lamas, an author who dreams of a polyglot lover, a woman who will understand him in every tongue. His search takes him to Italy, where he befriends a Marchesa whose old Roman family is on the brink of ruin. At the heart of this literary intrigue is a handwritten manuscript that leaves no one unaffected.

The Polyglot Lovers is a fiercely witty and nuanced contribution to feminism in the #metoo era. Pleasure is an elusive thing, love even more so.

Lina Wolff was born in Lund, Sweden, and lived for several years in Spain and Italy, where she worked as a translator. In 2012 her debut novel,'Bret Easton Ellis and the Other Dogs', won the prestigious Vi Magazine's Literature Award. In 2016 her novel 'The Polyglot Lovers' won Sweden's highest literary award, the August Prize for Fiction, and has been translated into seventeen languages. 'Carnality' was awarded the prestigious Aftonbladet Literature Prize in 2019.
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I stop listening because it starts to irritate me too much and I start feeling it is a waste of my time. I find the characters uninteresting at best and mostly pitiful and pretentious. There is no character development plus no clear direction of where this is going to nor is it interesting enough to keep listening to discover where this is going to. The authors' fat phobia and obsession with Houellebecq is annoying me. It is possible to write a book about a despicable character and even have this character tell the story as Nabakov showed us with Lolita. But this story just fails to become interesting. There is nothing wrong with the narrator and the narration.

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