Practical Religion: What True, Biblical Christianity Should Look Like

Written by:
J. C. Ryle
Narrated by:
Saethon Williams

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2024
18 hours 19 minutes
How much religion among many members of churches consists of nothing but church rituals! They belong to their church. They are baptized, married, buried in at the church, and preached to on Sundays by her ministers, but the great doctrines of truth have no place in their hearts and only a little influence on their lives. Is the religion of these people real Christianity? No, it is Churchianity – and nothing more!
If your religion is real and has been given by the Holy Spirit, it must be in your heart. It must sway the affections. It must lead the will. It must direct the tastes. It must influence the choices and decisions. It must fill the deepest, lowest, inmost seat in your soul. Is this your Christianity?
Real Christianity will cause a person to glory in Christ as the Redeemer, the Deliverer, the Priest, and the Friend – without whom he would have no hope at all. It will produce confidence in Him, love toward Him, delight in Him, and comfort in Him as the Mediator, the Food, the Light, the Life, and the Peace of the soul. This Christianity will produce in the person who has it repentance, faith, hope, love, humility, spirituality, kindness, self-denial, unselfishness, forgiveness, temperance, truthfulness, brotherly kindness, patience, and forbearance. Is this your religion?
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