Written by:
Sylvia Browne
Narrated by:
Sylvia Browne

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2002
1 hour 7 minutes
The prayers on this audio program are taken from Sylvia Browne's own sermons, delivered at her church, Society of Novus Spiritus. In each case, the words were 'infused' into her by her spirit guide Francine, and of course, by God. Granted, these words are a passive mode of prayer, yet the goal is to recharge your spiritual battery so that you'll be able to go out into the world and do God's work.
'Over many years of public work, people have often asked me how to pray. My answer is simple, 'Just talk to God, and make your life a living prayer.' 'These prayers will lift your soul and let you magnify the Lord. They have done so for me and thousands of others. Many miracles have occurred by the power of prayer, and now I want to share these commanding words with you.' - Sylvia Browne
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