Release Date
June 2020
6 hours 30 minutes
No one remembered when he'd come to the mountains–it seemed like Preacher had always been there. He'd seen a world of wonders in the unmapped mountains and forests of the vast North American frontier. In fact, he figured he wouldn't be surprised by anything anymore.

But that was before Preacher traveled into the Ferris Range of Wyoming and discovered the city of Nova Roma…

Nova Roma's leader, Marcus Quintus Americus, is a blood-mad fanatic right out of the ancient history books. And the troops he commands–one thousand strong--is the strangest and most dangerous band of men the High Lonesome has ever seen.

Before the dust settles, Preacher and his ragtag army of mountain men and Indians will have to fight the mighty legionnaires on the fields of war–and do battle with gladiators in the blood-drenched coliseum.
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