Preacher’s Peace

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2019
7 hours 31 minutes
Long before there was a mountain man called Preacher, a young adventurer set off with a team of fur traders from St. Louis for the time of his life. On a wild frontier, he sought a fortune. Instead, he found blood, betrayal, and the beginning of a legend. Armed only with a knife, surrounded by a fierce Blackfoot war party, the young man was forced to kill a warrior chief in an act of audacious courage. But when a grizzly bear attack left him half-dead, he could no longer protect himself. By the time the Blackfeet found him again, he had been abandoned and doublecrossed, with only one last trick up his sleeve: the ability to talk himself out of an impossible situation-and into a battle for his life.

So began William Johnstone's masterful saga of the courageous loner who would become known as Preacher. Because when he was alone and desperate, he drew on a preacher's skills-and a mountain man's cunning-to give his enemies hell.

Excellent book. Wish we would’ve listen to this one first! Mr. Turner does an excellent job was narrator. Love listening to his reading of the stories.

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Larry L.

This book was amazing.

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