The Pretend Prince

Written by:
Kim Karr
Narrated by:
Suki Weston , Hamish Long

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2020
5 hours 40 minutes
Writing about Royals may seem like the dream job, but let me tell you—it’s not. Always looking for a way to crush the happily-ever-after, no thank you, I’m through. That’s why when my boss demands an exposé, on the most notorious prince around, I decide to march right up to her office to tell her I quit. Except…I get stuck in the elevator along the way. And I’m not alone. I’m with him. The guy I’m supposed to expose. The reason I’m quitting. Meet Bachelor Royalty Extraordinaire, whose romantic prowess is legendary. With his sultry bedroom eyes and lean muscles, he’s the hottest prince around. And he’s staring at me, with that Romeo-I-must-have-you look about him, which makes my knees go weak. Three hours in a small, confined space, is a long time. After I spill my guts and tell him everything, we do a lot more than talk. By the time I leave, he’s turned me around. And there’s no way I’m quitting. Not until I help him prove he’s not the womanizing bad boy my boss thinks he is anyway. He says it will be fun, and I agree. But when the lines of our plan begin to blur, and it’s hard to tell what’s real from what isn’t, I realize too late, what’s fun to him might cost me my heart. My exposé has a name: it’s Prince Julius Monaco. This is our story.
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