Proof It!: How to be a Better Proofreader

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2011
0 hours 36 minutes
Catch your careless writing bloopers—before the bloopers catch you! Join CSP Mandi Stanley for thirty minutes to make sure your documents and e-mails are error free with no embarrassing mistakes. Learn:

–Why any message with your name, your department's name, and especially your organization's name attached to it must be flawless—absolutely error free

–How to use the 'Newspaper Proof,' a fail-safe, three-step approach to proofreading

–How to build your 'Proofreader's Power Pack' with indispensable tools and resources

–How to proofread for quality under tight deadlines

–How to proofread in distracting office environments

If you're tired of reading over the same document four or five times—and still finding something to change—get ready to laugh and learn with Mandi Stanley as she shares her own proofreading horror stories and admonishes everyone to throw away their red pens.
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