[Psychokinetic] Eyeball Pulling: A LitRPG Apocalypse Adventure

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2023
22 hours 6 minutes
There is no weapon more powerful than the [Psychokinetic] mind.
Astrid, a mischievous noble teen, long dreamed of exploring the ancient cities
preserved beneath the waves, left behind from a time before the ocean
swallowed the world. She’s been training all her life to become a magic
swordsman capable of doing just that.
But when an ancient monster long thought dead assaults humanity’s last
bastion—a floating ship-city—she awakens her system early.
Only, she’s not a warrior as expected. She’s forced to walk the path of a
[Psychokinetic] mage.
With spawn-infested oceans, pirates looking to plunder, and mysterious monsters
that lurk within Bubbled-Cites at the bottom of the ocean, safety is anything but
She’ll learn levitation, object throwing, eyeball pulling, and more, all the way to
the apex of psychic powers.
But, what happens when she discovers that her world was a lot larger than she—
and the rest of humanity—once thought?
Don’t miss the start of this action-packed and often hilarious LitRPG apocalypse
series about a young survivor with a craving for adventure and fighting. Perfect
for fans of Azarinth Healer and Eight.
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