Pulling Doubles

Written by:
Christina C. Jones
Narrated by:
Sean Crisden , Adenrele Ojo
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Release Date
June 2019
5 hours 51 minutes
All Devyn wants-besides a tall, fine husband and eventually a few babies to fulfill her 'about to turn thirty, running out of time, cute black family' dreams-is to finish her yearlong internship at University Hospital. She's excited about the experience, eager to learn, glad to help wherever she can . . . it should be easy, right?

Well, it would be . . . if it weren't for arrogant, know-it-all, always-got-something-to-say Dr. Joseph Wright. Devyn can't stand him, and if his attitude is any indication, the feeling is mutual . . . or is it?

Joseph doesn't 'do' doctors. Or nurses. Or patients. Or anybody else who has anything to do with the hospital, for that matter. University Hospital has infiltrated enough of his life, and the last thing he needs is a blurring of the lines between professional and private.

. . . until smart, sexy, sassy Nurse Devyn Echols comes along, and stomps all over those lines.

When you're pulling doubles with the person you hate to want so bad . . . something is bound to ignite.

Contains mature themes.
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Predictable...easy listen.

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Latoya L.

I thought the story would pick back up where book one left off......I guess that's why the series is called the Wright Brothers. The name sake explains it all. Even though it didn't, it talked about Jason brother, Joseph the Doctor and Reese's best friend Devin(Nurse Pratctioner). Another relationship heading in the right direction. Joseph acted like a school boy instead of relating his feelings towards her, until.... Devin's crazy ex who just wouldn't let go, toxic as hell. Glad she left his belittling behind alone. Devin found out she has type 1 diabetes and pregnant, but that didn't deter Joseph, if anything made their relationship stronger. Now on to next book, hopefully she brings back Reese and Jay. #Book32of2020 #bookworm #whatsnext

Pulling Doubles
This title is due for release on June 12, 2019.

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Pulling Doubles
This title is due for release on June 12, 2019
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Pulling Doubles
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Pulling Doubles

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